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Excuses....The only reason YOU CAN'T!

That's right, you read that correctly. I am calling you out on all of your excuses and asking you why? Why do you give yourself reasons to not do things. Are you just trying to make yourself feel a little better for giving up on yourself, because that is what you are doing. Yes, I am being mean...but the truth hurts.

Today, you could come up with a handful of excuses why you did not accomplish something because literally anything could happen. It's a mad world out there, the sky is the limit.

So you made up a lie to your professor to get out of an assignment... congratulations, you just got off the hook... fast forward to the future and you have gotten no where academically. Huh? Wonder why!?

Maybe instead of coming up with excuses or blaming others for your shortcomings you should get your s**t done!

Rant over...

Any way, here is amazing article on how to avoid making excuses. I really enjoyed this piece from Coaching Positive Performance because it made me realize by taking responsibility, instead of making excuses - I am in control.

My big take away from this read was to always remember the long term goal. This can be somewhat overwhelming, so the article suggests breaking your long term goals into smaller goals. Take it step-by-step, however always keep in the back of your mind the final outcome.

Always learn from your failures, because if you learned something then they weren't really failures.

Remember to always expect and embrace challenges because they will turn up. How you handle to situation is up to you...but please - DON'T MAKE EXCUSES!

photo credit: @simplycedesxoxo

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