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Technology and Internet Addiction: modern day problems

I feel enlightened after reading Adam Alter's book titled "Irresistible." If you have not heard of it or read it yet, pick it up. It's all about modern day electronics and Internet devices. I learned about "nomophobia," which is the fear of not being connected to the mobile Internet. This is real, and I have felt it before. I recently turned my phone to do not disturb one night, and it is still on do not disturb.

I realized I was being haunted by me iPhone. I was going crazy and always thought I heard my phone ringing or vibrating. I was constantly on high alert, and anytime I thought I heard my phone I had to check it. I then would go on to check various other apps downloaded on my phone. Most of these are social media apps, with my favorite being Snapchat and Instagram.

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Right now though, I feel disconnected and a new sense of freedom. The Internet can no longer control me. Alter's book that I previously referenced explains how Internet addiction is a behavioral addiction, and nearly 41 percent of people are addicted to the Internet in one way or another.

I was amazed to find our there is little research done on the behavioral and learning effects that smartphones and tablets have on young children. New research suggests that children under two should have 0 minutes of screen time a day. It affects how they learn and understand the world around us.

This scares me, and it should scare you too. So please put down your smartphone and begin to understand the power ts has on your mind and behavior.


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