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Leave Me a Comment & Watch Bill Nye =)

Hey everyone, let me know what is on your mind in my new comments section up top. Sorry for the little break, but I have been working hard to graduate next month from college. I would love to learn what is going on in my readers lives, so post a comment on my page and we can catch up/connect.

On a side note, BILL NYE HAS A NEW NETFLIX SHOW!!!!! Yes, all my 90's kids will love ts new show because let's face it, we loved Bill Nye as kids. I know that I secretly wanted to be on the show when I was younger.

science, Bill Nye, Netflix, Must Watch

Bill is back and his new show is about him saving the world through science. The first episode is about global warming and climate change. If you do not believe these things are real, you are living a delusional life.

Turn your Netflix on and watch a couple episodes for some awesome science, entertaining humor, celebrity appearances and the forever immortal Bill Nye.

Comment me and tell me how you like the series, I'd love to hear from my readers. I am always here to listen and talk, so feel free to tell me anything that is on your mind.

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