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Be Smart, Stay Safe this Summer!

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College is out and it is time to let loose, shake all the studying and enjoy the summer vibes. You worked hard all semester and you deserve to relax and enjoy your time off school, but be wise about your actions.

When faced with peer pressure revolving around certain actions, such as drug use, think smartly- think about your future. Recreational drug use can be a fun and quick short-term way to pass time and enjoy the summer, however, there are many negative consequences that can result from such behavior.

Today, no drugs are pure. You think you are taking one thing, but it is actually laced with all sorts of other garbage, and dangerous garbage at that.

Do yourself the favor and just say no thanks if offered any party favors. If your friends really keep harassing you to use, they are not your real friends to begin with. Ditch those losers and find some people who support you and your bright future.

Concerts and music festivals are the "in" thing to participate in over the summer, and are a haven for recreational drug users. If you are at one of these events, whatever you do, DO NOT take any drugs from strangers. That is a sure way to bring harm to yourself. Just enjoy the music, the sun and the vibes.

Be happy with who you are and know you do not need anything extra to allow yourself to enjoy life. Be yourself through and through, and safely enjoy your summer.

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