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Keep Trying: Exude Positivity ;)

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After graduating college, I have begun my intensive job search. This can be very overwhelming and intimidating, so my mind and emotions were becoming somewhat negative.

While browsing through my Facebook news feed, I was inspired by this amazing singing video from America's Got Talent. This young women inspired me to keep on trying. Her voice and talent is fascinating, and I was captivated by her personal story.

Everyone has battles they are faced to fight, some more than others. This video reminded me that you have to stay positive and keep trying to do what you want to do!

I have been working on framing my mindset into an overall more positive setting, and have found that more positivity keeps coming my way.

The Law of Attraction is something I seem to have forgotten since I was so bogged down in school work and simply focusing on getting it all done.

Now that I am exuding positivity my mind is in a much better place, which has allowed me to land an interview in a field I got my degree in!

I encourage everyone to let the negativity go and think about only the positive sides. You can spin any story to make it a good one, so just turn it around and smile ;)

Wish me luck, as much as I wish you!


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