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Evaluating Friendships 🤔

Take a look at all of the close relationships in your life and figure out exactly what the positive things are about each relationship. What does this friendship provide for you? Are there any negative associations with this friendship?

If that is the case, then one needs to really re-evaluate if this person is worth keeping around. Some relationships can be toxic and can lead people to take certain actions they normally would not do. If one can realize the control that other people may be having on their life, the easier it is to make a change for the better.

Do not be afraid to break free from your regular cycle or routine. If you are not liking what is currently going on in your situation, then you need to change something. If you do not make any changes, nothing will happen. You will sink lower and lower, and then just ask the question “why me?”

You choose your path. So, do not be afraid to listen to what you want and the goals that you want to achieve. Any relationship in your life that is taking away from your goals, is a relationship that needs to stop existing.

There are far too many people in the world to let certain people bring you down. You are so much more than that, you got this.

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